A computer lab we set up at Bethel School in St Petersburg

Bethel School

Setting up the computer lab at Bethel School


Biker group gives computers to kids who need them
It’s what’s right with Tampa Bay ..By Published What’s Right with Tampa Bay

“To be able to help make that happen is just great,” said Bikers Cap member William Santiago. Read more…


EVERYDAY HERO: A Tech Guy Using His Gifts For Good

“I’ve always enjoy being able to find out what the problem (is),” Santiago said. “Of what’s wrong with a computer and try to find different solutions to solve that problem.”
An IT Director by trade, Santiago volunteers his time and talents, and many hours, to an organization called Bikerscap. Read more…



Motorcycle enthusiast’s nonprofit gives computers to needy children (from 

Greg Reaster has refurbished and given away more than 2000 computers to poor children around the Tampa Bay area and beyond since he started BIKERSCAP about 10 years ago.

For several years, Reaster operated the nonprofit through his Land O’ Lakes home but recently moved to New Port Richey…read more…





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Everyday Heroes: Bikers give computers to children who need them and seven words on the front page of its website sum up what their organization is all about: “Nothing is more important than our children.” Reaster started years ago with the realization that for kids to have a chance to succeed today, a computer of their own is a necessity…read more…





Biker Philanthropy: TechSoup Revs Up Donated Computer Programs for Kids

Read More…





ADAMS Middle School - 5 Computer Donation

ADAMS Middle School - 5 Computer Donation. In early May, 2013 WTSP did a story on BIKERSCAP's mission, we would like to thank Reporter Lorena Robago for her coverage honoring us on her segment airing Friday on the WTSP 6:00pm News


ADAMS Middle School - 5 Computer Donation

In early May, 2013 WTSP did a story on BIKERSCAP's mission, we would like to thank Reporter Lorena Robago for her coverage honoring us on her segment airing Friday on the WTSP 6:00pm News

ADAMS Middle School - 5 Computer Donation In early May, 2013 WTSP did a story on BIKERSCAP's mission, we would like to thank Reporter Lorena Robago for her coverage honoring us on her segment airing Friday on the WTSP 6:00pm News


7 18 11 BN9 Schedin

On July 18, 2011, Bill Schedin was awarded the Bay News 9 "Everyday Hero" Award, we appreciate all Bill has done for BIKERSCAP Inc. and for the kids in our Communities

On July 18, 2011, Bill Schedin was awarded the Bay News 9 "Everyday Hero" Award, we appreciate all Bill has done for BIKERSCAP Inc. and for the kids in our Communities





bikerscap donation 031

On May 31, 2011 BIKERSCAP Inc. set upon a mission to place many computers with students via each individual school, targeting Pasco County, Fl. we approached administration for assistance with placing these computers in the hands of the children that need them the most, we feel the administrations for these schools did a fantastic job of placement for these tools we see as necessary to get a quality education via the public school systems, much thanks to Mr. Preston Rudie, Reporter for WTSP, an ABC affiliate (Channel 10, local) for the excellent coverage for this donation at Charles S. Rushe Middle School where BIKERSCAP Inc. donated a total of 3 units at once to some very surprised and grateful students, we all here at BIKERSCAP wish these youths the best in the coming year, hopefully, our “tool” we provided will assist them in a bright and prosperous futures!
BIKERSCAP Inc. donated other systems at Connerton Elementary School later in this day to make a one day total of 5 computer systems donated.

Bay news 9 11-23-09.avi

Special thanks to BayNews 9 and Leigh Moody yet once more for
featuring BIKERSCAP as "Everyday Heroes" on Nov. 23, 2009

Special thanks to BayNews 9 and Leigh Moody yet once more for
featuring BIKERSCAP as "Everyday Heroes" on Nov. 23, 2009


Tampa Tribune Reporter Geoff Fox visited BIKERSCAP Inc. facility and spoke with Greg Reaster here is the article written and published in the Pasco Tribune.


Greg Reaster talks about his non-profit Bikerscap. He and other volunteers build and repair computers for students around the Tampa Bay area. The computers are distributed for free to kids who might otherwise not have access to a computer.




Published: August 12, 2010


At 6-foot-3 and about 270 pounds, Greg Reaster is an imposing man.

Put him on the back of his 1998 motorcycle – “The loudest Harley-Davidson in Tampa,” he says – and the accompanying leather jacket and gloves don’t make him look any less intimidating.

But inside Reaster’s barrel chest beats a heart filled with good intentions. During the last two years, his organization, BIKERSCAP Inc., has refurbished and donated about 100 computers to disadvantaged children around the Tampa Bay area, but mostly in Hillsborough County.

“I want to affect Pasco,” said Reaster, who lives in Holiday. “We need more kids from Pasco applying for these computers.”

BIKERSCAP stands for Building Intellect Knowledge Education Resources & Schooling with a Computer Acquisition Program. Computers and money are donated to the organization by local businesses and residents. Many computers have come from Raymond James Financial Inc. in St. Petersburg.

Debbie Valentin, who works in the warehouse at Raymond James, said the company donates computers once used by its employees, but she wasn’t sure how many the company has donated to BIKERSCAP.

The refurbished computers are meant for children from families without a computer, or not enough computers. There is an application process during which Reaster, or other volunteers, interview an applicant, as well as their parents and teachers.

“They have to need them, and prove why they need them,” Reaster said.

Applications and other information can be found at the organization’s website, www.bikerscap.org.

On a recent weekday, Reaster nodded to a corner of his modest home, which is lined with computers and parts. There were a dozen or more computers ready for delivery.

“Monitors, printers, speakers – the whole shootin’ match,” he said. “Everything’s already fired up. All you have to do is just plug in and play.”

A Tampa native, Reaster said he was a project manager for a commercial construction company before the economic downturn left him jobless.

“I was making six digits a year with a full benefits package, then I was sitting at home watching Jerry Springer and drinking beer,” he said. “It was boring. I decided to start working on computers. I mean, I have degrees in it.”

The idea for BIKERSCAP was born a couple of years ago, when Reaster’s longtime buddy, Steve Story of Tampa, had a computer that needed repairs. He called Reaster and asked him to simply get it running again, so he could donate it.

“It was Christmas time, and I said I wanted to give it to a kid who needed it,” Story said. “I wanted to give it to a kid who could get their homework done and use it for educational stuff, and it just snowballed from there.”

One of several volunteers who helps Reaster, Story said he has lost track of how many computers he has delivered.

“There are so many kids who aren’t being paid attention to,” Story said. “They’re not becoming good human beings in our society. They’re getting pulled left and right. We’re giving them a tool to better themselves in school and get better-educated. We can go into the areas where this is not available or the parents can’t afford it.

“We have no funding or anything. It’s all out of pocket.”

The organization requires long hours and offers no pay, but Reaster seems to love it. He said he eventually wants to align BIKERSCAP with a larger national charity so more children can benefit.

Considering his own employment situation, one might wonder why he does it.

“I might be selfish, but it makes me feel good,” Reaster said. “We’re filling a void. A lot of these computers, they’re throwing them out in the trash. We recycle them for kids to use in their education. We’re basically recycling high-end computers.

“This is like my church, man. I even go back and check on these kids when I can. We’re doing it. We’re making a difference. But we need some Pasco applications. I know there are kids out there who meet our criteria.”


For information about applying for computers refurbished by BIKERSCAP, or to donate computers, money or other services, visit www.bikerscap.org.

Reporter Geoff Fox can be reached at (813) 259-8116

Julie Rinaldi, Publisher of the LOLA paper, which is a local publication here in the Land O Lakes, Fl. area (BIKERSCAP‘s Headquarters is located here) ran this story on us on our donation of three computers to children at Locke Elementary School, needless to say, the kids were quite surprised!
As published in the LOLA Magazine, Nov. 2010


Bikers Surprise Locke Students With Their Own Computers

October 13, 2010 was another ordinary day at Mitty P. Locke Elementary School in New Port Richey. At the end of the school day, parents were picking up their children. The buses were all lined up waiting for the kids to get aboard. Needless to say, then, that the loud roar of several motorcycles pulling into the schoolyard took more than a few people by surprise.

The bikers were members, supporters, and sponsors of BIKERSCAP Inc., and they were there on a special mission. They had been alerted by third grade teacher Nancy Machala, who had notified the group that three of her students were in need of computers to help them keep up with their studies.

Of course Machala knew that BIKERSCAP, which stands for “Building Intellect Knowledge Education Resources & Schooling with a Computer Acquisition Program”, is in the business of providing refurbished computers for deserving students who can’t otherwise afford them.

The students, Jodie Benitez, Alexis Spivey and Hailey Austin, were unaware that they were going to get computers, so it was a pretty big surprise to them when they were called out to the schoolyard for the presentations.

“The parents and guardians of these kids were so pleased and very thankful to BIKERSCAP Inc. for helping their children to keep up with their educational needs with an at home computer system” one of the organization’s volunteers said. “We look forward to making our next donation and many others, to help as many kids as we can with their education”

BIKERSCAP can always make use of unneeded computer systems, as well as cash/monetary donations and/or volunteer help please note, BIKERSCAP Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) charity as recognized by the Internal Revenue Code, and donations are tax deductible.

We here at BIKERSCAP would like to thank Julie Rinaldi for such a great article, you may contact Julie at: PO Box 46457, Tampa, Fl. 33646
Ph. (813) 293-0633, or via email, lolapublisher@verizon.net


Special Thanks to the Clearwater Press and Ms. Anne Ridge for the following write up:

Clearwater Beach and The Tampa Bay Area

Softer Side Of Motorcycle Gangs

October 6, 2009 by anneridgerealtor

Too many times when people think of Motorcycle Gangs they think of big rough guys drinking a lot and pushing people around.  Well a motorcycle gang in the Tampa Area is turning heads for a different reason.

How many times have you had an old computer or lap top and were not sure what to do with it when you upgraded to a new one.  B.I.K.E.R.S.C.A.P. is the answer.  They are a non profit motorcycle gang with a mission to make children’s lives better.  Join the cause and donate your old computer or if you have bike join the gang.  At the very least tell a friend.  Kudos to the men and women of B.I.K.E.R.S.C.A.P. for taking a stand for children.  Mission statement and contact information listed below are from their website https://www.bikerscap.org


Providing much needed complete home computer systems through recycling older used systems to disadvantaged children who otherwise would not be able to attain this necessary tool we see as necessary and needed for today’s standards of acedemic requirements. We, as concerned members of the “Biker” community are committed to providing this educational tool through complete computer system donations. “Because We Care

B.I.K.E.R.S.C.A.P. IS a not for profit corporation, based  IN THE TAMPA BAY AREA
4614 Tropical Lane
Holiday, FL  34690

PH. (813) 574-6565

As seen in Full Throttle Magazine

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