Meet The Kids – B.I.K.E.R.S.C.A.P. Inc Makes A Difference In Their Futures

  I wanted to share this picture of my son Lucas with the computer that you wonderful people gave to him. You guys are amazing and my family can't thank you enough.
  Destiny Wright with the computer that you donated to her. She was very, very grateful and excited to get it.
  Alice Aubert had the opportunity to be on television when she got her computer sytem, Fox News, WTVT, Ch. 13, aired this on Kelly Ring's "What is Right in Tampa Bay" segment.
  Alice is a very bright child receiving excellent grades in school, Alice uses her computer every day, and Greg has been tutoring her on applications with the computer, her assigned "homework" is sent to the BIKERSCAP facility, she is so looking forward to her next year in school, never thought you would hear that? BIKERSCAP kids excel as students, because they have home computers!
  High School Senior receives laptop from BIKERSCAP
Another computer donation by WillAnother computer donation by Will

Kendra and Kendrick Jackson share a computer BIKERSCAP donated to them via their Grandmothers application, having basic computer abilities already, this has further strengthened their ability to learn more, and to learn it faster. (Straight A students!) We hear that all their homework is coming back printed off their "new" computer system!
  This presentation was done over the Christmas Holidays making it a very special event to all, best thing about it was that it was a total surprise to these children, what a Christmas present this made! BIKERSCAP wishes the best Kendra & Kendrick!!
This is Cheyenne, we met Cheyenne through Shirley Maggiacomo (one of our coordinators), and Harold Hart, former Buccanneer and NFL Alumni. Upon presentation of computer system from BIKERSCAP, she immediately went to the word program, and typed out a "Thank you" note to all these Bikers (Some with tears in thier eyes) that came together and made this possible for her, she is doing quite well utilizing that system in her school work!  In fact, I think she can type faster than most of the Bikers that were in that room!
  BIKERSCAP wishes Cheyenne the best!!
Thanks to Tennessee's for donating the outside space for the donations!
On Saturday the 14th of March, we headed up to Tennessee's Tavern 1210 W. Waters Ave. in Tampa to donate not just one, but two complete systems at once, tables were set up outside with Hot Dogs and Soda's for the children, now, you must remember that these children know nothing of what we are about to do ( The presentation of computer systems), Thanks to Tennessee's for donating the outside space for the donations!

BIKERSCAP would like to thank Marilynn Menendez (Full Throttle Magazine) for her article in the April issue authoring an article regarding this donation by BIKERSCAP!!!

Yes, we here at B.I.K.E.R.S.C.A.P. care about children's education Please help support B.I.K.E.R.S.C.A.P.

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