Meet The B.I.K.E.R.S.C.A.P. Inc Staff & Volunteers

Greg Reaster - CEO & Director of Operations


CEO and Founder, born and raised in Tampa, Florid, Graduated Chamberlain High class of 1973, went on to own a Contracting Business, A Computer Business, completing all academic requirements @Edu Tech, 2 year full time, CompTIA, A+, Net+, All Windows OS, towards M.C.P., HCC Ybor Training and is the father of 2 grown daughters and an adopted daughter.
Started building and donating computer systems in 2001, Greg did this as he went through A+ training, he has stated that he had to reach out and "touch" what he was learning, in this case, how to build a computer (hardware/software & OS applications), He put an ad in the paper that "students" were looking for old computers. Well, he ended up with a lot of systems working and these were all donated to children that need them, and up until last year, it was around 1-2 a year (just old ones that friends did not need). Now a very marked increase in requests and donations is leading this organization dedicated to fulfilling a recognizable need for today's children, children that do not have a home computer and want to attain the best education available, plus we recycle all useable and non-useable parts. Greg was honored to receive the Bay News 9 "Everyday Hero" Award, not once, but twice in 2009.


Feel free to contact Greg anytime at or call Greg at the New Port Richey facility (813) 574-6565


Steve Story - Chief Information Officer

Co-founder and in partnership with Greg Reaster in this great endeavor, Steve is the Owner of ICON Pest Control in Tampa, Florida. Steve was born and raised in Kentucky and has been a Tampa resident since 1980. Steve states that his mission is to provide the means (computer systems) to educate the children that otherwise would not be afforded the opportunity of this educational tool that in today's world is a required item.


Feel free to contact Steve anytime at or call him at (813) 580-2083



Bill Schedin - Hillsborough County IT Director

Bill is originally from Chicago, IL and him and his wife Karen moved to Florida in 2003 where Bill has been working in the IT field for more than 10 years, starting with computer hardware support while in junior college. Bill also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a major in Management Information Systems from Saint Xavier University in Chicago along with a Comp TIA A+ certification. I first saw the story on BIKERSCAP on a local newscat in early 2009 and decided it was something I wanted to be a part of. I attended a donation event several weeks later, met with Director Greg Reaston, and have had the privilege of working with BIKERSCAP ever since. When we do have some free time you can find us cheering on the Tampa Bay Rays, Lightning, or at one of our many local theme parks.


Feel free to contact Bill at for any further questions.


We are pround to have him on our team.

Shawn Sandlin - Event Coordinator

I am Shawn Sandlin, a mother of 4 wonderful adult children, and I am the proud
grandmother of seven beautiful grandchildren. I love serving my community. I am
driven to help others and I am passionate about volunteering my time. I enjoy meeting
and working with others who do the same. I have interned with and been very fortunate
to have honed my skills from my friend and mentor in the 501(c)(3) nonprofit support
group, "support your local boobs/Music4Life". This organization provided me the
opportunity to use my skills and abilities to excel into my current position of Assistant
Secretary and Event Coordinator. My Core values lean towards assisting anyone in need,
but most of my work has been in cancer related events and benefits. These objectives hit
close to my heart, due to the fact many of my friends and family members have been
stricken with, or know someone with, Cancer and other life threatening conditions. I
have worked with some of the most amazing and talented people that help those in
need, resulting in lasting memories and friendships for all involved along the way. In my
spare time, I enjoy supporting the local music environment. I attend and donate to other
benefits and causes throughout Tampa Bay. But, my most treasured moments are
spending time with my grandchildren. I enjoy the fun times swimming, playing games
and just watching them grow.
I heard about B.I.K.E.R.S.C.A.P. Inc. and its goals to support underprivileged Children
with their education. I was eager to apply to participate with them. This is relative to me
because I was an underprivileged child myself, and later, a struggling mother. I know
how rewarding it will be to give back to those in a similar situation and help them
through their ordeal. I am looking forward to supporting this foundation and helping
these children achieve the goals they may not have been prosperous in without
B.I.K.E.R.S.C.A.P. Inc., I am excited to see what my future endeavors with this
organization can produce for the community.

Luigi Dalageta - Board Member and Director

I came from Italy to this country over 40 years ago with my lovely wife and we started a
life for ourselves in the great state of Pennsylvania. I came to this country with a
suitcase, a dream, and a whole lot of ambition. I turned that ambition into a passion of
being a restaurant owner, where I opened up multiple successful pizzerias in the town of Chambersburg. In the process of starting my restaurant business my wife and I had two lovely children, my daughter and son now grown. We wanted to keep them close
together, one, to make sure they would keep a close sibling bond, and two, keep myself
even more busy than I already was. Being a restaurant owner and a father was definitely not an easy task, but I made sure to try to balance everything as best as I could. But as we all know, life doesn't always go according to plan.

In the process of living in Pennsylvania my wife, our children and I took a vacation down to the Sunshine State, and absolutely fell in love with Florida. We eventually decided it was time to trade in the snow shoes for some flip flops, and get the hang of
this easy island living here in Florida. I worked in the restaurant industry for a while here, but eventually got into the Air Conditioning trade, where I found my niche and have been able to make a successful career helping others stay cool in this crazy tropical heat! 

I had the honor to get to know Greg Reaster and learn about this charity work. I recently decided to get involved with the organization and I feel proud to be part of BIKERSCAP Inc., It's truly been an honor to make a difference, and I can't say enough great things about this group of individuals. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I realized how rewarding life can be when you're giving back to the community, BIKERSCAP isn't just a group of people helping others, they're a group of dedicated, helpful, and selfless hometown heroes who make a difference each and every day. I'm dedicated and willing to work with the group in order to make a difference any way I can, and I cannot wait to see what my future with this charity has in store!

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B.I.K.E.R.S.C.A.P. Inc.™ IS A NOT FOR PROFIT, 501 (c) (3) CORPORATION, BASED IN NEW PORT RICHEY, FL., BIKERSCAP INC. IS A BIKER RUN & OPERATED CHARITY All donations are tax deductible, we are expanding quickly, monetary donations are needed immediately for further expansion. BIKERSCAP, Inc 4614 Tropical Lane Holiday, FL 34690 office (813) 574-6565 fax (813) 699-8281 Email: Director of Operations: All rights reserved, B.I.K.E.R.S.C.A.P. Inc.