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New Members

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​​Marilyn Menendez – Full Throttle Magazine
Rick & Shilrley Maggiacomo – Samco Distributing
John & Linda Pfister – A.S.A.P. Appraisal Service
Lane Pfister – A.S.A.P. Appraisal Service
Patti “Parti Patti” Alley – Local Emcee & Personality
Leigh Moody – Anchor, Bay News 9
Christi Mapp – Honorary
Julie Stann – Honorary
Robin “Lucy” Jonsef – Honorary
Nick Aubert - Tampa Tradesmen
Kelly Ring – Anchor, Fox 13 News
Tim Poe – Tampa Wholesale Printing
Wayne & Patty Whitney – Honorary
Wayne Whitney Jr. – Honorary
Charlie 3 Fingers – Full Throttle Magazine
Liz Justice and Dan – Honorary
Stephanie Whitmire - Honorary


V.I.P & Celebrity Members

​​JoDell and the Mountain Road Band
Brian Jones – of Jones & Raines
Terry Peacock – President, Graystone Recording
Kelly Ring – Fox 13 WTVT Anchor
Leigh Moody – Bay News 9 Anchor
Valerie Smith - Rider Now Productions


Regular Members

​​ Bill & Toni Parker
Greg “Cruiser” Palmer
Eric Holt – Anheuser Busch
Jay Evans – Cardinal Transportation
Paul Churchill – High School Principal
Joe “Polock Joe” Gronowski
Asbury “Bear” Riley
Phil Flattley – Hills. Co. Bldg. Inspector
William & Tessa Luecke
Sondra Burton
Stephanie Whitmire
Linda Baranyl
Marty Warburton
Lyndsay Ratajczak
Jim Snow
Jen Humphrey
Michael Searle – U.S.P.S. Union
Jim “Snake” Snow
Harold Hart _ NFL Alumni _ Former Buccanneer

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